Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Dianne Mrak’s New Hampshire daffodil garden featured in national gardening magazine

March 9, 2015

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In the checkout line at Kroger this afternoon, I noticed “All American Daffodils” on the front of Country Garden magazine. Adding it to my purchases, I found a gorgeous article with many pictures about the New Hampshire garden of longtime ADS member Dianne Mrak. She recounted her early love of pink daffodils, and how she came to know the American breeders who gave us so many of the beautiful new cultivars. We see how she plants daffodils in groupings with other spring flowers. And those of us who remember the loss of their home in a fire in 2008 were delighted to see its successor. She also puts in a strong word for the American Daffodil Society and for the specialty hybridizers who are continuing the work of Elise and Dick Havens and Grant Mitsch. Thank you, Dianne
Loyce McKenzie

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  1. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    When I explored this magazine further, I found, on page 44, another must-read article of special interest of those who will be attending the 2015 ADS convention in Williamsburg. “A Time Tested Garden” describes one of the tour day choices, the 2-acre garden that noted garden writer and photographer Pam Harper has been planting for forty years. If you haven’t chosen your Saturday destination, be sure to read this intriguing description of this garden in Seaford, Virginia.