Bob Spotts, California

Thanks to my many good daffodil friends!

March 24, 2015

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It’s been an extremely early Spring here in California, and it looked as though exhibitors would have but few blooms for the mid-season Murphys Show. So, during the two weeks before that show, I picked and refrigerated every decent seedling bloom in my patch. Then on Wednesday, two days before the show, my physician told me that I was to spend the weekend in bed rest! What about the blooms in my fridge? To be respectable, the show tables might need many of these blooms.

Up stepped my friends. Jan Moyers took over as Show Chair. On Friday, Ben Blake loaded my blooms into my Forester and took them the 100 miles to Murphys. At the show, Melissa Reading and Ben prepared entries. They had an impossible task – looking at nearly 200 unsorted blooms  – some wilting after their extended period in the fridge. All my daffodil friends pitched in to help put blooms onto the tables.

As anticipated, the show was smaller than usual but, thanks to my friends, my blooms helped make it attractive to the public.

One response to “Thanks to my many good daffodil friends!”

  1. Phyllis Hess, Ohio Phyllis Hess, Ohio says:

    Bob just hope you are all right and what a great thing everyone did to pitch in to help!! Our daffodil friends are the best!!  Take care of yourself; see you in Williamsburg.