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Two Bob Spotts Seedlings

March 9, 2015

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As usual Bob Spotts brought in a number of very fine seedlings to the Livermore show last weekend. I want to show case two of them here that I thought were exceptional.

The first was a white flower with a faint green stripe running down the mid-line of each tepal. The tepals were held in a flat plane and were quite smooth. The small cup was a solid dark emerald green. This was clearly a division three flower. If there was a fault it was the overly long neck that held the flower facing slightly down. These long necks come from N. viridiflora in the ancestry and can eventually be bred out. The flower was reasonably sized and while I did not measure it it looked larger than intermediate in size.


Spotts 3G-GGR

Spotts 3G-GGR

The second flower was more difficult to capture the color accurately. The perianth was soft yellow flushed a smooth green. In the picture it appears more yellow than it actually is. The corona is bright green with a beautiful narrow red rim. Bob described it as a 3G-GGR. The only fault here is the slightly back swept perianth. But it is such a lush flower one might forgive it for that.


Spotts 3W/G/W-G seedling

Spotts 3W/G/W-G seedling

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