1P-R Oakwood Trumpet seedling!!!!

June 10, 2015

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Part 1432424743960Trumpet  1P-R  Seedling # 2007-87-1

Parentage:  Flaming Silk X (2000-189-1)

(2000-189-1) parentage:  Larry’s Gift #2(Artic Char X Rosewood) X Reed 87-10-2 (Magician X Obsession)

John mentions that the flower in photo is 2 weeks old, color much more intense earlier, good substance, holds color well.  Congratulations to John Reed of Oakwood Daffodils!!!!!

2 responses to “1P-R Oakwood Trumpet seedling!!!!”

  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Very good, John.

    We all approve and applaud.


  2. John McLennan, New Zealand John McLennan, New Zealand says:

    A  very  good  looking  trumpet  ;  again  a good photo  showing  the  pink  cast  in  the  perianth  , similar  to  PINK  HAZE . Quite  certainly  ,  this  pink  perianth  cast  can  be  bred  into  flowers  from  most  divisions  and  we  are  getting  more   excellent  varieties  to  work  with  .