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August 20, 2015

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils

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Our President asked that I put this on daffnet. He has already purchased one of the collections.

Just click on the link below for details of this wonderful offer.

Name:  Hans Rotteveel
Email:   title=
Subject:  Viridflora Collection
To Whom it may concern,We are currently running a special on our Narcissus Viridiflora Collection. Our availability will end at the end of this month. We would like to give your members the opportunity to purchase one of these collections before we close our product listing.We are sure that your members would be interested in trying our Viridiflora Collection.Would you be interested running this through you members.Looking forward to hear from you.Best regards,

Hans Rotteveel

Product listing Viridiflora Collection:


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