Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Very Early Season

August 25, 2015

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The spring daffodils started a couple of weeks ago here.

Species cyclamineus was later this year. I finally managed to split some of the clumps so that they would be less likely to rot. This was done a month or so ago and they seem fine. The branches in the background are designed to discourage the kangaroos from jumping on them.


The first div.6 selection for the year was a flower with what I think is very elegant poise.


15_05D is quite different.


A whitish miniature trumpet that is a descendant from seed from Leone Low looks like it may be a survivor.


I couldn’t resist photographing it against an early 2W-W: – 08_06 Rutland Water x Ulverstone Star. It can be very big, is very white, and has very good substance. Unfortunately  its stem can’t cope.


An unsurprising result for Demmo x Scarlet Chord is the very early 03_10


A nice very round 1Y-Y is 10_01 Habit x Squabble

10_01 10_01a

The viridiflorus hybrids have coped with the winter remarkably well.

Viriquilla 07_02MJ07_02MJa

And of course there are always bulbocodiums.

15_18VB 13_71VB

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