Graham Fleming, Australia

A very generous gift

September 20, 2015

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Last year I visited one of Tony Davis’ daffodil plots in Bowral and was very taken by a couple of high quality mid-season flowering poeticus seedlings that were close to miniature. While we have a lot of bulbs there is also room for something really good. To cut a long story short Tony sent me a parcel of bulbs and told me that there was something special in the bulbs he had given me. I found out how special when the second of the poeticus bulbs he had given me flowered. It was a stunning little miniature poeticus seedling with an all orange red cup. We put in a lot of flowers at the Canberra Show so no shortage of high quality pollen to put on it that will help Keira Bulbs develop new coloured miniatures. I have attached a photo of the little poeticus seedling TD 28-14. It has New Zealand parentage. It is much smaller than our own miniature poeticus that measures 45mm. Our miniature poeticus is of US origin.
The other NZ daffodil that does well in our hot dry conditions is Kiwi Soltice.

Td   waitring x rhondo

.Kb miniature poeticus seedling that measures mm

4 responses to “A very generous gift”

  1. Graeme Davis, Australia Graeme Davis, Australia says:

    The breeding of this is Waikino x Rhondo.  Waikino is around 60mm across. These flower from mid season onwards but only a few are under 50mm

  2. Graham Fleming, Australia Graham Fleming, Australia says:

    What it tends to show is the difference between Bowral and my place in Canberra when it comes to what size a daffodil will grow to in each location. It does not get as much water here so it is likely to be a different flowering size. It flowered here at around 40mm and on a fairly short stem. The short stem is likely to be late planting but the flower size is more to do about how much water it gets.We do have some poeticus seedlings here that are actually quite large but they were grown from seed and don’t seem to mind less water. In fact it is interesting that we have managed to breed some giant sized standard daffodils that don’t require much water. The poeticus seedling joins a few other daffodils that flower here much smaller than they do for their originators. Pink Silk and Fortescue come to mind as they are both intermediates here.

  3. Graeme Davis, Australia Graeme Davis, Australia says:

    Some of this cross are consistently under 50 mm at Bowral as well – I looked at a couple that the who row was around 40 mm.  I would expect that dad sent these particular clones to you – I doubt they will grow any bigger.  Other clones/ selections are at around 55 – 60 mm

  4. Graeme Davis, Australia Graeme Davis, Australia says:

    We put photos of 3 different clones on the NSW / ACT Daffodil Association facebook site

    There are some interesting differences in the colour codes