Graham Fleming, Australia

Miniatures at the Canberra Show

September 18, 2015

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I have been remiss in not posting photos of the Glenbrook Trophy Class at the Canberra Show. It is a keenly contested class with Keira Bulbs and Lawrence Trevanion competing with their latest creations. This year Glen Sheldrick also competed.I have included some close up shots using my macro lense so you can see them more clearly than in the group photos. I have often wondered how a judge with poor eyesight would get on judging this class as the flowers are quite small (micro minis). Both Keira Bulbs and Lawrence Trevanion had very nice miniature forms of Narcissus Triandus Triandus. I was impressed with Lawrence’s 2W-WWY seedling that is a small miniature. We are starting to see quite a deal of colour in the miniature classes at the Canberra Show.

Glenbrook trophy for miniatures class at the canberra show

Part of kb's miniature championship entry the y o seedling and n. tenuifolius small form

Kb miniature y o seedling that was breed from a y o form of n. calcicola

Kb m w p seedling

Close up of lawrence's y y seedling that is an n. cordubensis hybrid

Kb's dwarf form of n. tazetta

Kb's miniature y w seedling

Miniature w yyo trevanion seedling

Part of kb's miniature championship entry the y o seedling and n. tenuifolius small form

2 responses to “Miniatures at the Canberra Show”

  1. Graham Fleming, Australia Graham Fleming, Australia says:

    I should have added that Lawrence described his cordubensis seedling as a split cup. It raises the question as to whether it is heavily scalloped or split.

  2. Nancy S. Ellis, Oregon Nancy S. Ellis, Oregon says:

    Outstanding! Thanks for the photos.