Lawrence Trevanion, Australia


September 12, 2015

Categories: Breeding, Daffodil Types, Fertility, Hybridizing, Miniatures, Seedling

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Lot’s of deformities can be seen in daffodils and only very occasionally would one wish to stabilise such features. Yesterday I spotted one that looks quite attractive to my eye. It’s been separated out in the hope that it is a sport and has been crossed with an old 11aY-Y bulbocodium that I privately name Butterfingers. It reliably splits but not always well and it is not as indestructible as it need to be. Apparently I’ve not succeeded with it as either a seed parent or pollen parent but I suspect that’s more due to neglect than anything else.

Occasionally standard division 11 seedlings can have a tendency to split in one direction more than others so perhaps this form is possible in these daffodils too.

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