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MDS Bulb Sale this weekend

October 16, 2015

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The Midwest Daffodil Society will hold its sale tomorrow and Sunday at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I am posting the list of bulbs FYI.

We don’t do this to make money but to tantalize new growers and potential members. This year we didn’t get as many good ones from our usual sources so we made up the list almost exclusively from two commercial suppliers.

In addition, Nancy Pilipuf supplied some very nice bulbs which she has had down for 8 years. I expect that most of these will be purchased by members or will be deflected to our bulb exchange next week. I prepared a sheet showing just these, which have a number of Duncans, Jacksons, Mitsch/Havens, Reeds and a Pannill. Nancy deserves the credit.

We are charging rock bottom prices, mostly $2 or 3/$5, and about twice that for Nancy’s. We have bags of Phantom and Coral Light with about 15 mixed size bulbs for $4 and bigger bulbs at 6/$4.

Using Daffseek links sure makes the publicity easier, and we have a computer with a big monitor at the sale for a continuous show or to look up details.

The foot traffic at the CBG is enormous on nice weekends like this. But Mary just told me there is a freeze warning for this weekend. Ugh.

We will share the room with the Midwest Fruit Explorers, who will have every kind of apple, and some pears and paw paws, you can imagine on display, many for sale, and who will give away fresh cider pressed on the spot. The Wisconsin-Illinois Lily Society will also be in the room with a large selection of lilies for sale.

Bulb list

Pilipuf bulbs 2015

This is always fun and is usually profitable, even with a small profit margin. We find good ways to get rid of the bulbs we don’t sell. No mail orders, but if we have any real good ones left I’ll share that info.

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