Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

“Narcissus Viridiflora Collection” offered by Dutch Grown

October 24, 2015

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Who else ordered the “Narcissus Viridiflora Collection” offered at I split the order with a friend and the bulbs have
arrived and look good. I emailed the company asking two questions:
1) Can a seedling number be assigned to the bulbs? (It would be nice
to have some designation to put with them. Each package has a photo only.)
2) How hardy are they? (I’m in USA Zone 7 and our lows are usually
near 0 F. or slightly below.)

We’re planning to plant half the bulbs in the ground and half in pots
to bring inside during freezing temperatures.

I’m interested in comparing planting methods and results with others
who purchased the collection and with Daffnet.

I’m still in the “planning for planting” stage here in middle TN but
am already anticipating springtime!

Becky Fox Matthews (that daffy girl near Nashville, TN)

6 responses to ““Narcissus Viridiflora Collection” offered by Dutch Grown”

  1. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    Becky, just sharing a few thoughts. The company won’t care.
    But what if everyone who ordered these did that, and gave them different numbers, and later on
    they wound up in “the trade” or widely shown–think of the arguments.
    At the very least, could you and your sharing friend use the same numbers
    And what about a complicated one:
    NVG-2015-1 (remember how Larry still uses the SNR on all his seedlings that were collected at the
    Shaw Nature Reserve in 2005.
    But if you exhibit them or hybridize with them, I know you have to have something to go by,
    It’s a nice conundrum

  2. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:

    Hello Becky,

    I  ordered the collection also, we really need to have a seedling number designated for each. Wish we knew the parentage or if they are first or second generation viridiflorus crosses, then we would have a better idea of bloom time and hardiness. First generation crosses will be up in the fall and winter and subject to colder winter temperatures.

    I will probably plant half in pots and half in the ground as you are, until we know more about them. Will probably use something like  NVC  1, NVC 2 etc. as Loyce suggested, to identify them for time being.


  3. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    The website says “Unlike the other Viridiflora Narcissus, these varieties will bloom in the Spring” and “The varieties are so new that they do not even have an official name yet!. We welcome your feedback to come up with the right names for these five beautiful varieties.” so perhaps they will name them at some point. It also credits W.F. Leenen as the hybridizer & grower W.F. Leenen. I wonder if any of our friends in the Netherlands might put in a word with Mr. Leenen about assigning them official seedling numbers.

    If you look at the images of the 5 selections here: my arbitrary numbering system numbered the 4 selections in a block on the left 1-4 from the top left selection being #1 and the other 4 numbered going counterclockwise around the block of 4 images with the selection to the right being #5. I’m mentioning this in case we (and others who ordered the collection) want to use the same numbering system to avoid confusion.

  4. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    I just received a response to my email questions about the collection which addresses the hardiness issue but he didn’t seem to understand my request for seedling numbers. (I deleted the phone number he included but will try to follow up with a call.)

    Dear Ms. Matthews,

    The varieties in this collection are so new they do not have names yet. In Holland we start giving names to varieties when the quantity of planting stock is larger.
    What about your planting zone, these narcissus are doing very well outdoors in you area. Do not worry about cold temperatures. They establish roots after planting and that makes them survive through winter time.

    I hope I answered your questions if not you can always contact us at __________.

    Best regards,

    Ben Rotteveel

  5. Kirby Fong, California Kirby Fong, California says:

    Later today I’ll try to post the five images and just call them DG-image-1 through DG-image-5.  For the time being, the pictures are the only we can know what each of us is talking about. After I put the pictures up, the rest of you can help decide what “seedling number” or other identification we can assign to them.  In the meantime, please keep track of which bulbs go with which picture if you’re starting to plant them! I haven’t planted mine yet, so it would be nice to have an agreed upon identification before I make my planting labels.

  6. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney, Missouri says:

    My order arrived two weeks ago and the bulbs are beautiful.  I ordered other daffodils from this site and they too are beautiful; the packaging was also stellar.

    I agree with Becky’s identification system–number them as they are displayed on the website in the order of the photos (for example, Leenen Innovation BV seedling No. 1, etc.).  I would not assign them any names or other identifying characteristics that could be interpreted as unethical, illegal, or further confusing.

    Planting mine outdoors, anticipating full hardiness.   Other viridiflorus hybrids do perfectly fine in our climate, having survived unscathed (and unprotected) the coldest winter on record and the hottest, driest summer on record.  Tough cookies they are!