Daffodil photos from Israel

October 13, 2015

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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My photos of daffs native to Israel.

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One response to “Daffodil photos from Israel”

  1. Niels Benatar, Germany says:

    Dear Daffnet,

    The pictures I sent were taken by me at Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv), where there was a picture gallery on the wall along a long walkway towards the waiting area. I should not be credited for the photos and so I do not deserve mention or copyright.

    Even though I did see the Mediterranean Sea Daffodil “in the wild” along a bike path in Tel Aviv, I was not sure about its being a daffodil. The narrow petals reminded me of the green daffodils, the trumpet more of day lilies. Only at the airport did I stumble across the picture and the caption, which is why I then took the photos. I do not deserve any credits though.

    Niels Benatar