Phyllis Hess, Ohio

CODS has bulbs for sale

November 5, 2015

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It has been several years since I have downsized so am doing so again; I am amazed at how many bulbs I had from Down Under! Of course they are turned around. After having our CODS bulb sale and donating to Jill’s memorial garden we have 170 cultivars left. Some not many of; others a great deal.
Now proceeds will benefit CODS; I have tried to put 5 bulbs in a bag. Each bag costs $6, great chance to get some real bargains! Would like for those ordering to include another $ 6 for shipping; and if you order a rather large box of bulbs would ask for some extra to cover the postage. (let you know after I mail them.)
If interested please respond to my email by clicking on this envelope,  title= and I will send you the list; there 170 cultivars on the list.
Thanks much,

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