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No Winter yet in NE NC

December 19, 2015

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It’s been very quiet lately on Daffnet.  Thought I’d post another one that isn’t read.

It doesn’t look like we are going to have winter this year here in Northeast NC.  No “deep” freeze yet and only one day below 32 “F”, with lots of rain.

I have three N. bulbocodiums in bloom now that usually bloom in early February N. cantabricus, N. bulbocodium  subsp praecox var praecox, and one clump of Nylon Group 10W-W.  If it would quit raining I was going to show some pictures of them, but it’s too wet to take them.

My standard daffodils are going crazy and many of them showing that should not be until March.  I just hope that my late-late daffodils are still around when it comes time for our show on March 26.  If I want to show daffodils next year I may have to go to California or to Georgia to do it.

The RHS Journal that I recently received from Phyllis has two articles that I would recommend reading, even though I love to read the variety in all the articles in that Journal.  I like the wrap-up of all the shows and winners.  The two articles are 1) on Basal Rot and how we in daffodils seem to have a big problem with it. 2) another Article by Kooperwitz where Harold describes hybridizing for miniature Double daffodils.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to everyone,



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