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A few Daffodils from the Roger’s Show

February 22, 2016

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The show is not an accredited ADS show but Spotts did supply an ADS Gold Ribbon for best in show. It was won by Kirby Fong for his stem of ‘Dimity’. This is a lovely flower with all the Jackson Quality. It was actually hybridized and introduced by David Jackson’s father.

'Dimity' Best bloom at the Roger's Show.

‘Dimity’ Best bloom at the Roger’s Show.

Another noteworthy flower that won the best of the multifloral group was the very elegant ‘Autumn Jewel’ also grown by Kirby and flowering out of season. It is a John Hunter hybrid from ‘Elfin Dell’ by ‘Emerald Sea’. It is pristine white with narrow but very smooth petals. Absolutely lovely.

'Autumn Jewel' Best Multifloral

‘Autumn Jewel’
Best Multifloral

Steve and I put in a non-competitive display in the show. People may be interested in one of our selections that we had in our display. In my attempts to make spring flowering standards with green cups, here are two flowers of  the same seedling from a cross whose label was lost. It is in a group of crosses made in 2006. I assume that one parent was a second generation ‘Emerald Sea’ hybrid onto  a named standard. The flowers open with a pale but fresh limey green corona that gradually over a week fades to a pale lemon. I must try and breed on with it some time. Unfortunately I picked all three blooms this year.


Freshly opened green cup seedling.

Freshly opened green cup seedling.

Mature green-cupped seedling.

Mature green-cupped seedling.

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  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Results of the voting are in ‘Tahiti’ was the most popular bloom with the general public.