Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Bramcote Bulbs

April 25, 2016

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils

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Has anyone in the United States bought bulbs from Bramcote Bulbs?  I’m trying to find out how to handle the financial end of things.  The instructions say Checque/PO or International Money Order payable in lb Sterling in Brittan.  Does that mean they will not take a check written on a US Bank for the equivalent dollar amount in Pound Sterling.  I have called everyone with a 70 mile radius of my house in NC and I can’t find anyone that can do an International Money Order payable in Brittan. Norfolk VA seems to be the closest source.  The instructions say they don’t take credit cards.

If you have done business with Bramcote from the US please advise.



5 responses to “Bramcote Bulbs”

  1. Roger and Terry Braithwaite, England says:
    Hi Clay
    The reason we do not take money in US dollars is because it is quite costly to exchange the cheque into £’s. What most of our customers do is to send the money through Western Union.
    If you do this you must tell them that it is to be collected by Theresa Braithwaite in England so that we can draw the money in England, they will give you unique number that you can email to us, without this number we will not be able to draw the money.
    Roger Braithwaite
  2. Naomi Liggett, Ohio says:
    Have purchased from them 3 times with other people to cut down the cost.  First year I sent order and got the money I think from a bank with a cost.  PO doesn’t do MO for England. Second order I sent I got pounds from AAA.  Sent the cash. 3rd year another person sent order and she had a bank acct in England.
    Did you see how much the certificate costs? Over $100 US. This is a huge increase.
    I would like to order but the cost.
  3. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:

    Hi All,

    I have found a simple way to send LL Sterling to England.  As simple as Western Union and passing along the unique number to Terry.  However the 68 pound Sterling for a Phytosanitory Certificate is more than I want to pay.  Terry and Roger suggested I get others to come in on a bulb order to reduce cost.

    Is anyone interested? Or conversely, is anyone else making an order and would like to reduce their cost for a Phytosanitory Certificate? The bulbs I wanted to order only come to about 97 pounds plus shipping.




  4. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Naomi makes a good point about the cost of a phyto cert. In New Zealand the cost of soil inspection comes close to $NZ700 and each certificate has inspection fees of close to $NZ250 and $NZ100 for each individual certificate. One needs to sell a lot of bulbs to cover this. Air post is then about $NZ120 per box. Fortunately Kirby looks after me and receives the bulbs in bulk then distributes them through the USA. I certainly appreciate this as it cuts my costs by several hundred dollars. I try to cover most of these costs as I enjoy sending bulbs out and the price of the bulbs ordered usually equals the phyto costs so basically we break even. Please appreciate Roger’s position. The cost of exporting bulbs has become exorbitant but it is the price we have to pay to get choice cultivars from elsewhere on the planet.


  5. Janet Loyd, Georgia Janet Loyd says:

    I may be interested in combining a international order I was lucky enough to talk with Terry in St Louis & her presentation was very informative, I’m checking the Bramcote site now. Last year I had great success with Ron Scamp their miniature bulbs all did well for me. They seem to have the best selections at decent prices. Let me know when your thinking of sending your order maybe we can get together for one or more orders. Thanks Janet