John McLennan, New Zealand

Very early John Hunter Double .

May 26, 2016

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It  is still  very  early  season  in  New  Zealand  as  we  move  from  autumn  into  winter  .Our  local  area  has had  a  very  late  start  to  the  autumn  bloomers  as  the  prolonged  drought  here  has only  just  broken .However  the  Nelson  area  had  a  heavy  rainfall  in  mid  March  ,  enough  to  cause  some  local  flooding .  It  was  also  enough  to  break  their  summer  drought  and  initiate  the  growth  in the  daffs .The  autumn  flowers  always  react  very  quickly  in  this  rainfall  and  John  Hunter  is  well  ahead  of  me .  The  exceptional  EMERALD  SEA  is  flowering  prolifically  for  John  but  has  only  just  emerged  here .                                                        The  Baldock  yellow / pink  colouring  was  shown  is  another  good seedling  but  unfortunately  has  since  been  lost .

Marie emailed  these  good  photos  of  a  nice  double  that  has  been  flowering  for  about 2  weeks .

Balb img 1707



Bald img 1699 Bald img 1701JAH   43 – 06 – E  is  bred  from  BALDOCK – X – EMERALD  SEA





Two  single  nose  bulbs were planted  3  years  ago  and  there  are  14  buds / flowers  this season .The  flower  size  is  approx.  60  mm  ,   on  good  length  stems  .A  bonus  is  a  mild  fragrance ,  obviously  inherited  from  granny  VIRIDIFLORUS .

There  are  two  exceptional  parents  involved  in  this  cross   –  EMERALD  SEA    has  been  used  by  many  and  has produced  flowers  in  many  divisions ,  for  many  hybridists  .

BALDOCK   ,  a  Max  Hamilton  4Y – P   , very  frequently  has  a  pistil  and  sets  seed  freely ,  producing  good  pods  of  big  seeds for  me .I  have  several  selections  in  my  large double  plantings .There  are  9  seedlings  from  Baldock  on  DAFFSEEK ,  and  the  breeders , Havens , Duncan , Vinisky , Hamilton   are certainly  some  of  our  best  in  recent  times .

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2 Responses to Very early John Hunter Double .

  1. Robin Hill, New Zealand
    May 27, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the phtographs, it gives all of us in the Southern Hemisphere something to look forward to.

    I agree with your comments about Baldock being a good breeder. It sets lots of seed and has left some very nice seedlings.

    Only a few minis is flower at the moment, the standards are however well advanced with quite a few through the ground already. Interestingly one of your raising, Highway Gold, is one of the last to flower but always one of the first through the ground.


  2. Ben Blake, California
    Ben Blake, California
    May 27, 2016 at 12:33 pm


    We live in California and its late spring and already getting hot and dry.   I hear “weed eaters” going through the area as the grass is turning brown and fire season already started.  We love to see any photos from your spring, flowers, or anything else from New Zealand.

    We recently completed installing a new wall and adding many yards of soil to grade our front yard.  Our plan is to plant drought tolerant plants native to this area.

    Apparently while I was “thinking about which plants”, Nancy sneaked in some daffodils 🙂  We have not yet put in the drip watering system so the daffodils are going fast, but  still have a couple of daffodils blooming.

    Thanks for the photos and news about your flowers.