Noeline and Donald McLaren, New Zealand

Help with naming this tazetta please

July 27, 2016

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Wondering if anyone is able to identify this daffodil please. I believe it is an old variety – it came up in my garden and the house is 130 years so someone down through the years planted it – I certainly haven’t.  It has the usual tazetta fragrance and is early flowering. Seems to be a shy bloomerImgp9315 Imgp9316 – in the position it is growing anyway.  Ideas anyone??  Excuse the weeds. Many thanks

7 responses to “Help with naming this tazetta please”

  1. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Hi Noeline,

    I would go with Cheerfulness. Mine, flowering in a poor position, looks very similar to this and is flowering at the moment.


  2. Ron Scamp, England says:

    Hello Noeline


    We grown a  very much look-a -like “to me it could well be the  “Old Double Roman” and originating in the hot southern Europe region it is not surprising it is shy to flower, even with the climate we enjoy here in Cornwall, it is not easy.

    [caption id="attachment_134553" align="alignnone" width="225"]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Old Double Roman[/caption]


    Have a look at my Picture

  3. Janet Loyd, Georgia Janet Loyd says:

    Dave it looks a lot like sulpher phenoix 4WY to me check daffnet the photos are identical

  4. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Hi Janet,

    Might I suggest that there are two different cultivars photographed as Sulphur Phoenix. I would go with the older ones as being more accurate. The early photos have much more doubling.

  5. Bill Welch says:

    Looks like Double Chinese (Double Roman). It should not be shy flowering though. But needs hot dry summer to flower best. Do you get that? Scent is distinct from most other tazettas–this is my favorite scent of any flower–it should match the scent of its single form, Chinese Sacred Lily (“taz orientalis”). The single has larger, single, florets otherwise identical.

    Best wishes,

    Bill the Bulb Baron (William R.P. Welch)

  6. Keith Kridler, Texas Keith Kridler says:

    Photos show the daffodil needing the ID as being multi headed. Pretty sure Sulphur Phoenix should only have one head. You are limited as the numbers of pre-1950’s of multi headed double blooms that were commonly available as I recall. Cheerfulness, Yellow Cheerfulness, Bridal Crown, Double Chinese Sacred Lily, Sir Winston Churchill all have the scent of Tazetta’s. All were fairly common in the catalogs. All of these are very hardy with the exception of Double Chinese Sacred Lily (Constantinople?) Watch the colors change on your blooms as they mature/die. Very often colder than normal and or hotter/dryer than normal will add in some extra “staining” of colors to help you ID these when they are fully mature. More photos this week of the same blooms?

    Keith Kridler
    Mt. Pleasant, Texas

  7. Denise and Neil McQuarrie, New Zealand says:

    It looks like Double Roman to me, too. I have a clump of it which flowers early July here, but the stems often get broken by the heavy frosts. It is not a prolific bloomer here, but maybe the clump needs splitting up. Has a beautiful sweet perfume.