Division 2 Premiers

September 22, 2016

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At the dinner on Saturday night the bulb auction was held and there was
spirited bidding among several growers. It raised over $2000.00 for the
N.D.S. as well as a lot of laughs

Division 2 Premiers.

2 Y-O/R, Photo No 5198, Valley Glow, exhibited by J. Holliver

2 Y-P, ” ” 5200, Shadanae, exhibited by G. & F. Miller

2 Y-Reverse ” ” 5202, Luminosity, exhibited by Fisher Nurseries

2 W-Y, ” ” 5204, Moiki, exhibited by J. Holliver

2 W-O/R, ” ” 5206, Seedling PR 13-7, exhibited by Fisher

2W-P, ” ” 5208, Pink Cosmos, exhibited by G. Phillips

2W-W, ” ” 5209, Pirongia Lee, exhibited by Fisher Nurseries

Note: Fisher Nurseries is Robin Hill and Ian Fisher.

The wild weather created some delays in members getting to the show, but
it wasn’t just the weather, Auckland Airport can create problems too.

Ron Tyrrell


Img 5198Img 5200Img 5202Img 5204Img 5209


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