North Island National Show Champion bloom

September 20, 2016

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Hi Everyone

The North Island National show was hosted by the Northern Daffodil Club in Hamilton on 10th and 11th of this month. Champion bloom was a fine Peter Ramsay seedling 15:7a 3W-O/R exhibited by  Ian Fisher and Robin Hill who recently purchased Peter and Lesley’s bulbs.

The reserve champion bloom was Luminosity also exhibited by Ian Fisher and Robin Hill and was raised by John Hunter.

The amateur champion bloom was Showdown 3W-O/R exhibited by new comer Dennis Rodgers and is a Spud Brogden raised  flower.

NI Champion bloom

NI Champion bloom

NI Reserve Champion bloom Luminosity

NI Reserve Champion bloom

NI Amateur Champion bloom

NI Amateur Champion bloom



One response to “North Island National Show Champion bloom”

  1. Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland says:

    Luminosity is stunning.