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2016 ADS Show Winners PDFs

October 27, 2016

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Contrary to what I submitted for the Net News article in the lovely September Journal (and due to some serious issues with Adobe Acrobat Standard DC) I have only just now been able to post the 2016 ADS Show Winners PDFs to DaffTube.  I hope you will enjoy seeing the many wonderful flowers shown in 2016 ADS shows including the World Show in St. Louis.  Thanks to our photographers Kirby Fong and Tom Stettner 12 ADS shows are represented.

For more information see page 35 of your September Journal or go to and click on Shows/Show Winners 2016.  Now I will resume working on “Catch the Yellow Fever” also described in the September Journal and hopefully I can surpass Adobe’s font glitches to post it soon.

If you wish to sit back and watch the winners go by, select the Auto version.  If you wish to take control and manually advance the slides choose the Manual version.  With my PC I can also use the right and left arrow keys to advance and reverse the Auto version if I wish.

If anyone has experience Adobe causing random letters of text to disappear and have a fix, please let me know.  Adobe has not come up with a solution.

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