Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Final Pick

October 24, 2016

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Last week was the last significant pick of daffodils for the season.

Final picka

Just because it was possible a few of these were put in the Canberra iris show.

Iris showa Iris show

Typically late flowers do poorly here and many from the N. hemisphere dwindle and die, presumably because there is not enough late season for them to develop bulbs for the following year.

My favorite late poet is a Como x Seagreen seedling. Unfortunately photographed a day too late.

10 27p 16sm

This very late selection shows the 11b character of Azon. It seems to be sunproof.

16 275sma

Still flowering are some late jonquils and poets.

10 24p 16sm 01 39j 16sm

Also flowering is the very late trumpet species nobilis leonensis. I was surprised to see it has black points on its anthers, a feature I associate with hispanicus – obviously incorrectly .

Nobilis leonensis sm Nobilis leonensis sma

At the show I was given a flower of Flore Pleno. I tried to find pollen but it is doubtful I had any success. An inspection of the hybrids from it on Daffseek suggests that breeders have not been successful transferring its doubling to seedlings. As regards Bisdee’s Golden Legend I think there is enough confusion and overlap in Australian names to be confident that it is not a Flore Pleno seedling.

Jonquilla flore plenoa

4 responses to “Final Pick”

  1. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:


    Thanks for your submission on late cultivars. Here in California, I cannot keep anything much later than mid-season, so I’m happy to see them!


  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Lawrence, thanks for posting your “late picks.” I especially like your poet, ‘Como’ x ‘Seagreen’.

    Mary Lou

  3. Suzy Wert, Indiana says:

    LOL, what did the Iris people think about the daffodil invasion?
    Como x Seagreen – it’s beautiful, but what makes it a poet? I thought they were supposed to have 3 anthers up and 3 anthers down? That has all 6 anthers and they are banana shaped, not the round poet nubs. The sweet little jonquil in the second pic is a definite keeper, too. We have all kinds of Bisdee’s Golden Legend-style flowers here, but they are ALWAYS white! I’ve never seen a yellow like that before!
    The green eyes on the poet vase — wonderful!

  4. Lawrence Trevanion, Australia Lawrence Trevanion, Australia says:

    Thanks everyone.

    Suzy, you sent me scrambling to the division definitions. For poets it says “anthers usually set at two distinct levels”.  The Como x Seagreen seedling does have anthers at 2 distinct levels, but it doesn’t have to.  I don’t see anything un-poet like about it.

    I’m as confused as you about Flore Pleno. I used the name on Daffseek but I associate this term with doubles more generally. Wikipedia says: – “flore pleno, a Latin ablative form meaning “with full flower”.” So I expected the correct name to be something like  N. jonquilla flore pleno. The double you are thinking of is Poeticus ‘Flore Pleno’. ‘Golden Legend’ is a fertile 2Y-Y and almost certainly not bred from double jonquilla. (Also Hinsby not Bisdee – apologies for the mistake.)