Theo Sanders, Germany

N. cavanillesii crosses

November 24, 2016

Categories: Fertility, Hybridizing, Seeds

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N cavanillesii x n serotinus left side n cavanillesii x solar system right side

N. cavanillesii flowered three days after a heavy rain in southern Spain. Today, one month later I earned the seeds in the picture. The different pollen parents influence the size of the seed grains. The cross N. cavanillesii x N. serotinus can be found in the wild. Successful crosses with tetraploid standard daffodils are possible. The seedlings should be fertile because N. cavanillesii is also tetraploid.


One response to “N. cavanillesii crosses”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:


    Very interesting – I had never thought that the pollen parent influenced the size of the seed – just that the influence came out in the progeny. We learn a little every day. Thanks for info – I’ll be observing in future.

    Best regards.