December 14, 2016

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I have never grown many miniatures in my garage or have a little red wagon. I have tried growing some of Glenbrook div 11 minis that are winter or early spring blooming here. That was not recent. The last I grew there was vinisky’s Yuletide 10y-y. Bloomed first winter and was gone by the next year.
I mulched most of my beds with pine needles since they are free for the raking. There was a bumper crop this year for some reason. I have used pine cones ground up for mulch on miniature beds. Don’t know how to use the chipper so have none to use this year. Have the cones.
Lots of minis are potted and pots sunk in the ground. Always pot them if they are very small.
I use potting soil and add chicken grit and sand.

Merry Christmas

Columbus Ohio covered in snow. Ug!
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