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Rongotea , a few more .

December 8, 2016

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Just  a  few  more  from  Rongotea ,  mainly   featuring  NZ  flowers .

The  class for  3  different  Kiwi  flowers  is  for  the  ROBIN  HILL  TROPHY    It was  well  contested  with  6  nice  entries

Dscf0024 19

Reg &  Rita  Cull  were  the winners ,  showing     2Y – O , CONUNDRUM  ,  –  2W – W  ,  PILLOW TALK   and  2Y – R   ASPIRE .



Dscf0028 17

2nd   John  Mclennan  with  ,  1Y- Y  BERMUDA  TRIANGLE  ,  2Y – O   SABRE  ,  1Y – O   OHAKUNE .



Dscf0031 16

3rd  ,  sorry  unknown  ,  2W – Y   CHAMPEEN  ,  4Y – Y  NEAVESVILLE  GOLD  ,  2Y – O  EGMONT  KING .



Dscf0054 7 Dscf0053 8

RHEBAN  RED    is  a  very  good  Australian  redcup  ,  winner  of  two  NZ  National  Show,  pollen  parent  of  the  Champ  bloom  here ;  a  good  vase  won  the  redcup  class .



Dscf0094 4 Dscf0093 4

Doubles were  well  contested  –   4W – P   MAELSTROM  , (  clever ,  apt  name  )  from  Denise McQuarrie  is  a  big  ,  heavy  flower  .  It  changes  from  yellow  pink  to  an  attractive  salmon  pink .I  show  it  often .


Dscf0087 4 Dscf0089 4 Dscf0092 4

CIRCULAR  QUAY  , 4W – Y  ,  unregistered  ,  is  a  seedling  I  have  sent  to  a  few  to  try  ;  probably  not  enough  layers  but  big and  tall.  One  of  the  roundest  I  have  raised .

Dscf0085 5 Dscf0084 4

A  very  bright   4W – PR     is  JFM  –    13 – 11 .  Hot  red / pink ,  good  size  ,  but  not  quite  show  form .



Dscf0078 4 Dscf0077 4

An  intermediate  4Y – R   Seedling  I  showed  was  easily  in  the  size  limit  sand  is  quite  consistent ‘  A  vase  of  3  and  a  single  were  interesting .


Dscf0115 3 Dscf0101 3

An  intermediate  that  has  been  in  demand  the  last  few  seasons  has  been  2O – O  , HOT  CHILLI  ,  from  Wilfed  Hall  .A  good  flower  here .



Dscf0059 10 Dscf0056 8 Dscf0060 8

ARVID  ,  –  1W – Y  ,   a recent  John  Hunter  2013  registration  ,  is  a  big  ,  bold  bicolour  of  classic  trumpet  form .  Breeding is  LAPFORD  ,  open  pollinated  .


Dscf0082 6 Dscf0083 5

ZOMBIE  ,  11W – Y  ,  a  David  Jackson  registration  ,  always gets  attention  for  it’s  clever  name  and  different style .

3 responses to “Rongotea , a few more .”

  1. Robin Hill, New Zealand says:

    Thanks for the photographs John. It must be over 40 years ago that I donated this trophy. It is good to see it still being contested with some nice entries.


  2. Malcolm Wheeler, New Zealand Malcolm Wheeler, New Zealand says:

    Nice show reports John, I unfortunately have never had Circular Quay that good but one day !!

    I would be nice to see the rest of the premiers from our national shows in Hamilton and Te Anau posted here also.


  3. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    Gorgeous flowers!  Thanks for sharing them with us, John!  They are especially welcome sights as we head into a gray winter here in the states.  (At least it doesn’t get white too often or for too longhere in middle Tennessee!)