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The Colors of Green Daffodils.

January 18, 2017

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One of the things we have learned after several generations of daffodil breeding with N. viridiflorus in the background is that there can be many shades and colors of green – ranging from yellow-greens to blue-greens and even grey-greens. The flowers illustrated here are currently in bloom in my garden.

There is some difficulty in capturing the exact shade of green with a digital camera. Below are two pictures of the same flower but one is against a black background.

Mid-green color depends on the light.

Same mid-green, color picture taken outside. Sorry focus is off.


Same mid-green but taken against a dark background.

Mid-green but taken against a dark background. Too much yellow.

Some years the cup takes on strong orange hues. bred from Lima's Green Success by N. lusitanicus.

Some years the cup takes on strong orange hues. bred from ‘Lima’s Green Success’ by N. lusitanicus. It is slowly increasing and is one of the best of the 5G-GGR I have made. The perianth is not as yellow as it appears here.

Yellow- Green

Yellow- Green — this is accurate color.


Paler green

Paler green -verging on grey-green.



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  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    This is the closest for color accuracy. Same flowers as some in the previous post.

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