Jaydee Ager, Georgia

An embarrassment of riches in middle Georgia-USA (USDA zone 8b)

February 3, 2017

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Not sure I will have any daffodils left for the Georgia Daffodil Society show in Atlanta on MAR 25th. I could enter a show right now. Maybe someone will start up a new show in Miami, Florida. We’ve had one week of winter weather here–so far.

Jaydee Atkins Ager

5 responses to “An embarrassment of riches in middle Georgia-USA (USDA zone 8b)”

  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins2 says:

    Hi Jaydee,

    I have ‘Monal’ and several others in bloom. Lots of miniatures also. But I’m betting on my late daffodils to have something to show in later March.

    If you put on the show, I could join you this week. We have winter one day of the week, and the remainder of the week, its spring.


  2. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    Could we have some more comments about this year’s winter weather (or the lack thereof) with the winter of 2016, particularly across the Zone 8 area, (I do vow and declare my daffodils bloomed much better when they thought they were in Zone 7a! }

    Last year, 2016, we had heat and drought and no rain from mid-June through November. We waited, most of us, as long as we could, and planted early in December. STILL no rain, but bitter cold, for weeks and weeks and throughout Jan. and Feb. The daffodils bloomed very late and very poorly.

    In contrast , in the year 2017(and I bet this is true for you, too, Jaydee, as the Weather Channel is my “home” channel, goes on before the coffeepot gets plugged in) we have had rain, rain, rain, occasional cold, but the ground is wet.

    And my garden, mostly Classics, {remember how Joe Hamm always signs off “historic, like my daffodils”? Well, I guess I’m Classic, because that is when my tastes were formed and the backbone of my garden was planted,) is right back on its normal schedule. Full of blooms–we could stage a good show next weekend, but alas, there is none.

    Oh, but there will be! The new first-show, furtherest-south show of the season is being held on March 4, in Washington, Louisiana, with a flexible format and a great setting, the Washington Garden Club’s home place, which is the old rectory! I am sure you will be hearing about this from that free=spirited, energetic Southern Region RVP, Annette Parker Kahn.

    So if your flowers are much too early, and you want to give them and yourself an early spring break, pak them and head south–New Orleans is always a great extra added attraction, and will have recovered from Mardi Gras by the first weekend in March.

    For specifics, the picture on my profile is my beloved Roberta Watrous Division ‘Happy Hour,’ which almost always blooms before Jan. 25. Last year it bloomed poorly and was three weeks late. But I’ve had perky long-lasting blooms of this great little flower every day since Jan. 29.}

    Loyce McKenzie

  3. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia says:

    Yes, the GDS show folks are on tender hooks! Currently, I have about 10 varieties blooming ….

  4. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:

    Bring your blooms to Sacramento, March 10-12. The ADS would love to see you!

  5. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:

    The season seems to be early in Southaven MS, zone 7b also. A number of miniature 1’s and 6’s are in full bloom now and a few standards are starting to bloom. Alas, they won’t last for the Sacramento Convention. Some  70 degrees this week also.