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Barco, NC Daffodil Show

March 26, 2017

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We had our Barco, NC Daffodil Show yesterday sponsored by the Northeast NC Daffodil Society. To me a daffodil show is more than a list of pictures that won what.  However in this age of social media, pictures are important.  I read the RHS Journal’s excellent show reports and I wish we could do more of that on these pages.


It was another great show with over 780 stems and 435 exhibits, with 30 exhibitors.  We had not expected to to do that good because of the crazy weather that we have had.  The storms and the early February “Summer” nearly whipped  us out.  I personally had daffodils that I had been saving from February for a month, and new ones that just bloomed a couple days before the show.  I also know that in my showing history that last minute changes can be disastrous, I noticed a failing ‘Ron du Plessis’ in my Havens collection of 12 and made a hasty change to another of the same that looked beautiful.  Even if I failed to notice, a three judge panel did not, as they could clearly see the eight petals on one of the florets.  I had a good laugh over that one.  I can’t trust my memory anymore, I’m not the official photographer for our show, and I put all my show data in a plastic box that got loaded on the truck that will delivery all the show supplies, and properties to my house later today.  However, I do have a beautiful picture of the Gold Winner, just the name slips my mind.

Our show for the last three years has been a “shoot-out” between Janet Hickman and myself.  That’s after she told me that she didn’t have anything to show in an email and turns up with a truck load of daffodils.  Sound like the words of a major daffodil shower.  In the major ADS awards in the Standards and Miniatures what she didn’t win I did.  We ended up both getting totals of blue ribbons into the high twenties but I edged her out at the end.  She won my favorite to enter, the “Quinn Award.”  I’m glad that the ADS Premier of 24 miniatures was awarded, with the help of several key miniature seedling from Graham Fleming, a beautiful almost too big 10W-W, a 5W-W dubius X NTT, and a couple more 10Y-Ys.  The best miniature came from that Premier exhibit and was an excellent ‘Fairy Chimes’ 5Y-Y.

The winner of the Red, White, and Blue for American Bred was from an all seedling selection of five that had two excellent challengers. There were eight candidates for the Rose, and they were not all mine.  The the rose ribbon winner coming from that winning American Bred exhibit.  The Rose was #11-51 ‘Orange Creme’ X N. cyclamineus. Color code is 2W-YYP with that very small pink rim.

The miniature rose ribbon was #14-07 N. fernandesii var. cordubensis X NTT.  This one will be named ‘Leola’ 5Y-Y later this year.

The Maroon Ribbon collection also was the Purple Ribbon:Back row ‘Lubantum’ left, ‘Halogen’ center , ‘Satchmo’ right, front two, ‘Lemon Silk’ left and ‘Intrigue’.

We had a good show, however, the manhandling of the tables and properties at the end of the show has left me with a sore back and an equally sore body.  I think I’m not sixty anymore.  I’m hoping to post more pictures later when our photographer sends me the pictures he took, and I have my ADS Show report so I can remember names.



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  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey
    Clay Higgins, New Jersey
    March 26, 2017 at 7:19 am

    Sorry. That was Lemon Silk in the Maroon/Purple ribbon. Not Rapture. I did go back and edit the post.