Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Final Post on BARCO, NC Daffodil Show

March 30, 2017

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Got the photographs back from our photographer.  I’d do the photos myself but I’m the worlds worst photographer. Give credit for all the pictures below unless otherwise specified to Ken Ferguson.

Gold ‘Elizabeth Ann 6W-GY) exhibited by Skip Ford

The Rose Ribbon was exhibited by Clay Higgins Winner: seedling 11-51 2W-YYP Orange Creme X N. cyclamineus.

Mini Gold Ribbon exhibited by Clay Higgins Fairy Chimes 5Y-Y

White Ribbon Exhibited by Nancy Fuchs Banker 2Y-O

Mini White Ribbon, exhibited by Janet Hichman Snipe 6Y-Y.  No picture.

Intermediate Ribbon Exhibited by Nancy Fuchs, Mighty Mite 1YYG-Y

Best Intermediate 3 Stems, exhibited by Clay Higgins Skilliwidden 2Y-Y

Best Historic Three Stems exhibited by Janet Hichman Mrs. Langtry 2W-WWY 1869

Best Classic Ribbon exhibited by Jennifer Potter Pinza 2Y-YYO 1962

Best Classic Three Stems Exhibited by Glenna Graves Golden Aura 2Y-Y 1964Best Small Grower exhibited by Kerie O’Toole Ice Wings 5W-W

The Maroon Ribbon was also the Purple Ribbon Exhibited by Clay Higgins: Lemon Silk 6YYW-W, Intrigue 7Y-W in front. Labaantum 1YYW-W, Halogen 2Y-W, Labaantum 1YYW-WWY, and Satchmo 1YYW-W in back.The Historic collection was exhibited by Ceci Brown Rubra 3w-y 1933, Sweetness 7Y-Y 1939, Pearly Queen 5W-Y 1927, Treavon 7Y-Y 1927, and Actaea 9W-YYR 1919.  Pearly Queen 5W-Y was the best historic.



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