Marcello Pasini. Italy

Identification help (virus)

March 20, 2017

Categories: Diseases and Pests, Virus

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I bought a bag of yellow daffodils 1 year ago,  they were all the same variety, but there was a pair of bulbs ‘variegated?‘. I don’t know if it’s just another variety or something else.  Thanks if someone could help me.

4 responses to “Identification help (virus)”

  1. Ian Tyler, England Ian Tyler, England says:

    Hello Marcello,
    Your flower looks like it could be N. Ice Follies 2W-W.

    But it is sick with colour virus, my advice would be to lift it and burn it as soon as possible. Colour virus gives this broken colour effect which some could call attractive! But could spread to your other daffodils via cross infection if not removed.
    Sorry to give you bad news!
    Many best regards,


  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Hello, Marcello,

    I noticed that Ian Tyler had posted a comment about your flower, but somehow it got posted in the wrong “Identification Help.”

    He said he thought the yellow striping in the petals was probably a virus, and I agree with him.  Best to remove the affected bulbs and destroy them.

    Sorry you have this problem.

  3. Marcello Pasini. Italy Marcello Pasini. Italy says:

    Thanks Mary Lou and Ian Tyler, I thought I had found something special, but I was wrong!

  4. Marcello Pasini. Italy Marcello Pasini. Italy says:

    I moved the thread to virus, hoping that will be helpful to someone.