George Dorner, Illinois

Interesting French daffodil drawings

March 19, 2017

Categories: Bulb Information, Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Science, Taxonomy

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I found this page at the Chicago Botanic Garden Library some years ago and will excise a few blooms for illustrations in our show schedule which I am putting to bed now. I don’t recall the date of the publication, but it was a long time ago. Maybe you can do better on identifying these by RHS/ADS standards. My French could use some help. Probably some of the intrepid daffodil trackers who have hunted in southern France and Spain could elucidate.


1 Narcissus of poets,  2 Narcissus with rush-like leaves, 3 Narcissus bulbocodium, 4a Narcissus pseudo-narcissus, 4b Narcissus with pale flowers, 4c Bicolor narcissus, 4c Mute narcissus (?) (Why?), 4d Narcissus of Jaca (a city in northeastern Spain), 4d “Musky” narcissus, that is, “odoriferous”. Usually referring to grapes, as in Muscat.

Note: Not my copyright on the drawings.

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