Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

Oregon Daffodil Society Show Results, Albany Oregon

March 26, 2017

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Winning flowers from the first Oregon Daffodil Show of 2017.
Best in Show (Gold Ribbon) – ‘Southern Hospitality’ 4Y-R – Hybridized and Exhibited by Elise Havens

Best Vase of 3 Stems (White Ribbon) – ‘Six Shooter’ 6Y-R hybridized by Bob Spotts; exhibited by Steve Vinisky.

Best Seedling in Show (Rose Ribbon) – 06/1/3 1W-P – Hybridized and Exhibited by George Armantrout.

Best Intermediate in Show – V05-8-3 = [(Tanagra x Xana) x Cayenne’ 2Y-Y – Hybridized and Exhibited by Steve Vinisky.

Best Miniature in Show (Mini Gold Ribbon) – V05-225-15 = [(Tanagra x Gipsy Queen) x (Tanagra x Gipsy Queen)] 1YYW-W – Hybridized and Exhibited by Steve Vinisky.


More to follow of Winning Collections.



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