Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

2017 Southeast Regional Show, Nashville TN

March 28, 2017

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The 2017 Southeast Regional Show was held in Nashville, TN at Cheekwood Botanical Garden March 25-26. There were 25 exhibitors and 543 stems. It was a very good show, especially considering the thunderstorms, tornadoes, plus the freezing temperatures and 2″ of snow the couple of weeks before the show.

Congratulations to all the winners as well as many thanks to exhibitors who brought and worked to save their flowers for the show!

Janet Loyd won the Silver Ribbon for the most blue ribbons in the show with 18 blues.

Here are the single bloom and 3 stems winners.  I’ll post some collection photos later.


The Gold Ribbon went to Mike and Lisa Kuduk for ‘Juergen’.

'Juergen' 1 Y-Y exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk, Gold Ribbon winner

‘Juergen’ 1 Y-Y







The Mini Gold Ribbon was awarded to Janet Lyon for ‘Tiny Bubbles’.

'Tiny Bubbles' Miniature Gold winner exhibited by Janet Loyd

‘Tiny Bubbles’ 12 Y-Y








Susan Basham won the White Ribbon for ‘Altun Ha’.

‘Altun Ha’ 2 YYW-W








The Mini White Ribbon went to Janet Loyd for ‘Tete Boucle’.

‘Tete Boucle’ 4 Y-Y








Best Intermediate was won by Susan Basham with ‘Little Alice’.

‘Little Alice’ 4 Y-O








Best Intermediate 3 Stem was won by John Beck with ‘Radjel’.

‘Radjel’ 4 Y-R








Best Youth Bloom was won by Jossalyn Varden with ‘Purbeck’, the top center bloom in her Best Youth Collection.

‘Purbeck’ 3 W-YOO







Jossalyn Varden was also awarded the Best Youth Vase of 3 for ‘Falconet’.

‘Falconet’ 8 Y-R







The Best Small Growers was won by Suzanne Shambaugh for ‘Rapture’.

‘Rapture’ 6 Y-Y








Best Historic was awarded to Janet Loyd for ‘Ornatus’, the top bloom from her blue-ribbon winning entry.

‘Ornatus’ 9 W-YYR 1870







Best Historic Vase of 3 went to Andrew Buhler, Jr. for ‘Niveth’.

‘Niveth’ 5 W-W 1931







Janet Smith won the Best Classic and Best Classic Single Stem with ‘Larkwhistle’.

‘Larkwhistle’ 6 Y-Y 1960








I won the Best Classic Vase of 3 with ‘Wedding Gift’.

‘Wedding Gift’ 2 W-W 1961








That’s all for now!

Becky (that daffy girl from Tennessee)

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