Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

When, if ever, is the decision of the judges final?

March 25, 2017

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Once upon a time, I suggested that the last question we would ever resolve concerning daffodil shows would be “When is the decision of the
judges final?” Richard Ezell averred “You are probably right,”which was as good as I could hope for.

What do you-all think is the final cut-off for saying, “This judging decision is final.”

a. When the judges have completed a particular section of a show?
b. When the over-all judging is completed, but obviously everyone involved in still “in the room”?
c. When the show is opened to the public? (I’m tempted by the basic simplicity of this one, myself.)
d. When the show, if a two-day, is over for the first day, or if it is a one-day show, and it has
been closed, and presumably taken down. (but does the fact that the original panel or several of them,
might not still be available?_
e. When the show report is turned in to the Awards chair? (obviously there are errors which might disqualify
an award even then=I remember one tale about a show in which a winning Watrous collection contained the
daffodil ‘Roberta Watrous.’

Once, when I was editor of the Journal, an astute judge declared that a winning entry whose picture had appeared in the
September Journal was still illegal and therefore should be publicly declared null and void, and the resulting distribution
of ribbons and medals happen.
I said “Nonsense.”
The very next season, however, I claimed a woman’s right to change her mind, when a New England show where I was lucky enough to be a
visiting judge had a new recording clerk who turned in a total mishmash of winners for a Throckmorton (which I happened to have staged
for Chriss Rainey, so I knew what it should have said. THEN I said, “something must be done, publicly.”

Is there a final answer that suits everybody?

One response to “When, if ever, is the decision of the judges final?”

  1. Margaret Macneale, Minnesota Margaret Macneale, Minnesota says:

    I will be very interested in judges’ opinions on this, as it just came up in a very-very recent show.  Per the show report, the Best Classic Bloom and the Best Classic from Single-Stems appear to have been awarded to a 1978 cultivar.  Not “Classic”.

    Margaret Macneale