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2017 Indiana Daffodil Society (IDS) Show Winner Photos

April 24, 2017

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Hello All

The IDS show was held at it’s typical location at Holiday Park  Indy Parks. It’s a great place to explore and enjoy creation all around.

The building has an advatage of a nice overhanging roof over all the rooms in the buliding that does a nice job of allowing photos to gain the advantage of natural light but not exactly direct sunshine.

Mary Lou Gripshover won the Gold Ribbon with her named variety “Olentangy” which actually took my breath in our own SWODS show last year for a photo for Daffseek, but wasn’t quite good enough for the top awards at that time.

She also won the Bozievich award with 11 of her own hybrids out of the 12 flowers in the entry.

Dan Bellinger had some beautiful seedlings as usual and won the white ribbon with his seedling of Scipio X Sergants Caye.

Photos below.


Gold Ribbon Winner for Best Standard Daffodil in Show. Olentangy 3W-GYY, which is a hybrid from Mary Lou Gripshovers hybridizing efforts and exhibited in this show by the hybridizer. I think it should be a 3W-GGY myself.

The White ribbon for the best collection of 3, and Rose Ribbon for the best seedling (Top Flower). The parents are Scipio X Sergeants Caye, exhibited by Dan Bellinger.

The Mini Gold Ribbon Winner, Stafford, taken from the Bankhead award. exhibited by Suzy Wert.

The Mini White Ribbon for the best 3 stem entry of Mini daffodils was N. Jonquilla, exhibited by Sara Kinne

The Rose Ribbon for the best Seedling in show. Den Bellinger exhibited this in a 3 stem entry. This specific bloom was the Rose Ribbon winner.

The Mini Rose Ribbon for the best mini seedling in show was exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover. The specimen was Baby Moon OP.

The Red White & Blue winner for 5 flowers all bred in America. The exhibitor was Dan Bellinger with all his own varieties. from the top left, seedling 02.12.1 Ghost X Denali, 00.02.2 Uncle Duncan X (Torridon X Spelter), Stanard Rock, James Schuyler, and 09.04.39 Estuary X Upper Broughton.

The Purple Ribbon winner for the best collection of 5 stems in the show. Exhibited by Suzy Wert, the flowers are – Seney, Burning Ring, Jake, Lauren and Reed seedling 2002.4.east

The 5 stem intermediate winner. exhibited by Sara KInne. The flowers are: Enchanted Prince, Jade, Temple Star, Grace Note, & Angelic Choir.

The Small Grower Ribbon was awarded to this stem of Tripartite, exhibited by Julie Turner.

Youth Single Stem, Universal Charm, exhibited by Sophie Farnum.

Spud Brogden Sponsors the New Zealand Award in this show and offers a prize bulb of New Zealand Breeding for the best New Zealand Daffodil in the show. The winner was News Flash, exhibited by Suzy Wert.

The Watrous Award for the best collection of 12 stems of mini daffs. The exhibitor was Suzy Wert.

The Historic Single Stem Ribbon, Statue – Exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall.

The Classic Single Stem ribbon, AND the Classic Cultiwr Ribbon was awarded to Dallas, exhibited by Naomi Liggett.

3 Stem Historic, Shanac, exhibited by Joan Workman

The Classic 3 stem award was won by Sir Winston Churchill, exhibited by Sue Luken.

Again this year, Suzy Wert assembled a very nice Throckmorten of seemingly poet Daffodils, but there are some div 3s in there. This was better than last years collection.

The Lavender Ribbon for the best 5 stem entry of mini daffs was exhibited by Suzy Wert with the flowers of: Pixies Sisters, Little Sentry, Poet W7, Clare, and Little Flick.

The Bozievish Award winner. The rows were more in line during judging, but several flowers were removed during the final ADS Award voting at the end of Judging and I neglected to re-stage it properly before photos. This was made up of all Mary Lou Gripshovers hybrids except for River Queen in the center row, far left.

The Bankhead Award for the best collection of 9 stems of mini daffodils. You can see Stafford, the best mini in show in the center far right . This was exhibited by Suzy Wert. The flowers are: Bankhead 04/2c, Shaws Legacy, Bankhead 02-7-25, April Tears, Little Rusky, Stafford, Crevette, Clare, & Little Karen.

A nice Pink Split Cup Bred by Mary Lou Gripshover. This was exhibited in her winning Bozievich entry.

Red Wine, 3W-R Taken from the collection of 5 pink/red daffodils. exhibited by Suzy Smucker Wert

“Peter” – exhibited by Suzy Wert.

N. Poeticus Hellenicus, taken from the Winning Watrous collection. Exhibited by Suzy Wert.

Hillview 5Y-Y from the single stems classes. Sorry, I didn’t get the exhibitor.



5 responses to “2017 Indiana Daffodil Society (IDS) Show Winner Photos”

  1. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:

    Tom, you captured a truly marvelous set of blooms! Mary Lou’s Bozievich’s collection was quite amazing to me. I cannot even keep alive late flowers – and she breeds a beautiful collection of them. Her Gold Ribbon winner was excellent! Congratulations to Mary Lou.

    Suzy Wert’s Purple Ribbon winner was distinctive – and it broke the late-season white-perianth flood. Her poet-type Throckmorton collection was charming and effective. It’s nice for me to see a collection of small cups – never staged in California shows. If I can breed and keep alive just a couple of poets – hooray! Nice work, Suzy.

    Dan Bellinger’s White Ribbon was lovely – and yellow! Naomi Liggett’s bloom of ‘Dallas’ certainly earned its Classic Awards. Joan Workman’s Historic 3-Stem winner was nice. As was Sue Luken’s Classic 3-stems. The photos of Mary Lou’s pink split-cup seedling and Suzy’s ‘Red Wine’ were a good addition.

    I’m not a Miniature follower, but to me Suzy’s Bankhead collection was quite good. Her Mini-Gold winner was lovely.



  2. Suzy Wert, Indiana says:

    Thanks for the fantastic photos, Tom! Excellent quality, as always.

    Bob, thanks for the kind comments. As you could see by all the poets, it was a really late show, but we still had almost 700 stems, only about 100 fewer than usual.

    I’m at John Reed’s now; it seems as if everything in his field is in bloom. 🙂 The new Fernwood show near Niles is tomorrow and staging starts at 5:00 am. Hahahahaha. I wonder who will be there right when it opens?


  3. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Great photos, Tom, as always!  And Bob, thanks for your nice comments about the flowers.  Some had spent some time in the refrigerator!

  4. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins2 says:

    I enjoyed the pictures and reports. I loved the pictures of Dan, Suzy, and Mary Lou. As a hybridizer I really liked Mary Lou’s “Bozie” award with all her own hybridizing except one. I encourage all ADS members to try hybridizing. I think it’s what holds us together.


  5. Phyllis Hess, Ohio Phyllis Hess, Ohio says:

    Tom, as usual you have out done yourself the photos are just wonderful! Thank you so much for taking them and taking the time to share with all of us. Congratulations to all the winners; certainly deserved.