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2017 KDABS Daffodil Show Winner

April 6, 2017

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Hello my fellow Daffodil fanatics!

The Kentucky Daffodil and Bulb Society held it’s show in the George Rogers Clark High School in Winchester Kentucky on Saturday April 1st.

With all the weather being very warm, then in the low teens for days and repeated for the previous few weeks, I was afraid that the flowers would suffer greatly. For those flowers that came through the ups and downs of the temps, they were quite colorful. The colors this year have been deeper than I can ever remember, probably because of the very mild winter we’ve had here in the Midwest this season.

The Gold Ribbon was River Queen exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk. There are 2 different photos of that winner below. I missed getting the white ribbon photo which was also 3 stems of River Queen, but Lisa submitted one too, so that photo is from her. Photos Below.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable spring season!


Gold Ribbon, River Queen Exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk​.

Gold Ribbon, River Queen Exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk​.

White Ribbon for the best vase of 3 of the same Daffodil. River Queen, exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk

Single Stem Classic, Silent Grace, exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk​

Blue Ribbon, Glamour Girl exhibited by Kathleen Bartunek

Best in Single Stems (The Trueblood Award) Muster, exhibited by Jim Wilson.

Rose Ribbon for the best standard seedling (not yet named) in the show. Exhibited by Edward Alan Dailey.

Single Stem Youth Ribbon. Fortune, exhibited by Jonah Hubert.

3 stem Youth Ribbon. Erlicheer, Exhibited by Jonah Hubert.

Historic single stem winner – Queen of the North, exhibited by Mary Lynne Lange.

The Small Grower Ribbon. California Classic exhibited by Frank Vonder Meulen.

Classic 3 stem winner, Lemon Drops, exhibited by Edward Alan Dailey.

The 3 stem Intermediate Ribbon winner. Elfin Dell, exhibited by Sue Luken.

The 3 stem Historic Ribbon winner. “Ornatus” exhibited by Joan Workman.

5 stem Youth Ribbon, flowers of Fortune, Iraquois, Orange Supreme, Astute & Amadeus. Exhibited by Jonah Hubert.

5 Stem Classic Collection Winner exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk. The flowers are: Estrella, Panache, Silent Grace, Ambergate & Stratosphere.

5 Stem Historic Winner. Exhibited by Sue Luken. The flowers are: Rose of Tralee, Niveth, Seraglio, Shot Silk & Pearly Queen.

The Red White & Blue Ribbon winner for the best 5 stem collection of standard daffodils bred in America. The flowers are Oregon Pioneer, Charles’s Favorite, Classic Magic, Dayton Lake, and Smooth Trumpet.

5 Stem Intermediate winner. Exhibited by Carolyn Cutshaw with the flowers of, Commodore Perry, Freedom Rings, Magic Step, Harpsichord and Rimski.

The Maroon Ribbon winner for the best 5 stem reverse bicolor entry. Exhibited by Sue Luken. The flowers are:
Canomah, Rio Dell, Glovers Reef, Intrigue and Step Forward.

mini gold ribbon, taken from the lavender/mini american bred collection exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover

Mini White Ribbon for the best 3 stems of a single miniature daffodil. N. Fernandesii, exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover​. This was a beautiful entry!!

The Mini Rose ribbon for the best mini seedling in show. Taken from the mini Red White & Blue winner, exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover​

This 5 stem mini entry resulted in 4 different National Ribbons. the Red White & Blue for the best 5 stem American Bred Mini collection, the lavender for the best mini 5 stem in general, the mini Rose for the best mini seedling (the center flower) and the Mini Gold for the best single stem mini in show. Exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover​

The Bankhead Award for the best 9 stem collection of miniature daffodils. The flower names are visible in the photo. Exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover​

The Havens Award for the best collection of 12 stems of Daffodils from divisions 5 through 9. exhibited by Kathleen Simpson​

The Bozievich Award for the best 12 stem collection from at least 4 different divisions. Exhibited by Sue Luken.

Blue Ribbon, Silver Rains, exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk​

Bee Jay for Daffseek, taken from the winning mini Red White & Blue entry of 5 different American Bred Miniatures. Exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover​

This show offers a special trophy for 12 stems of American Bred Daffodils from at least 4 divisions. The winner shown here.


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