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2017 Niles Michigan Daffodil Show Sponsored by the IDS

April 30, 2017

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A Newer Show  along the Southern Border of Michigan with Indiana was held in the hometown of Dr John Reed in the city of Niles.

With this show, came the opportunity to see Dr Johns seedlings and named varieties that we don’t ever see since no photographers are close by to capture them. Also, Some of the Seedlings and named varieties of Dan Bellinger were available. Since he now lives in Niles as well.

There were some very large flowers here and the quality was quite good. Some of you that have a page setup on Facebook have no doubt observed some of the photos that showed a bit of the size of some of these blooms.

I’m just back from Joe Hamms show in Washington PA where we saw more high quality blooms in the very latest season cultivars. Those of you with Facebook accounts, stay tuned for those photos next, then posted here as the final season photos for that shows winners.

The Niles shows photos are below. There are also special photos of flowers that are not included in shows and represented by photos around the country.

Happy Viewing!



Best in Show and Rose Ribbon for best Seedling in show. Exhibited by John Reed

The White Ribbon Winner for the best 3 stem entry. Altun Ha, exhibited by John Reed. This was a GIANT set of blooms!

Mini Gold Ribbon winner, Crevette, Exhibited by Suzy Smucker Wert

Mini White ribbon winner, Sun Disc, exhibited by Lynn Courson.

ntermediate Single Stem Winner, Lissome, Exhbited by Nancy Pillipuf.

Single Stem Historic Winner, Cassandra, Exhibited by Nancy Pillipuf.

The Red White & Blue Ribbon winner (one of the very best I’ve ever known) with 4 out of the 5 flowers being from John Reeds hybridizing.

The Orang Cup collecton winner, exhibited by Nancy Pillipuf.

The New Zealand 5 stem collection exhibited by John Reed.

Intermediate 5 stem award winner. Exhibited by Nancy Pillipuf

Green Eyeed Collection winner, exhibited by George Dorner

Challenge class winner, Anna Swir, exhibited by Suzy Smucker Wert

“To the Nines” exhibited by Gary Knehans

John Reeds Bozievich collection win.

a Seedling by Dan Daniel Bellinger

Anna Swir, exhibited by Kit Walter

Comparing a set of pink Petals in Pinkie Lee, to the whiter petals in Scrumptious on the right.

Tino Pai, an amazing poet shown in John Reeds Quinn.

The top left seedling from the Red White & Blue Winning collection. a White-Yellow Trumpet from John Reed.

The Throckmorton award winner, exhibited by John Reed.

The Quinn award winner. Exhibited by John Reed.

Best in Show and Rose Ribbon for best Seedling in show. Exhibited by John Reed. Profile view.

HoneyChild, from John Reeds New Zealand 5 stem collection.

Yellow Tail, exhibited by Nancy Pillipuf.

Scrumptious, by John Reed.

Salmon Circle, exhibited by Nancy Pillipuf.

Pinkie Lee.

Orange Candy, in Nancy Pillipufs winning Orange cup collection.

Mesmerizing, In John Reeds Winning Quinn Collection.

Garden Warbler, exhibited by Gary Knehans.

Exotic Mystery, exhibited by George Dorner

Brassicala, exhibited by Gary Knehans

Angel Dust, exhibited by George Dorner

Collins Joy, exhibited by Nancy Pillipuf

Big Red Honker. Un registered.

3 responses to “2017 Niles Michigan Daffodil Show Sponsored by the IDS”

  1. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:


    Thanks for taking photos of these impressive blooms.

    Congrats to John and the other exhibitors for their efforts.





  2. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    Tom, if you didn’t already have the ADS Silver Medal, we
    would give it to you after this season, when you have done a particularly
    spectacular job of capturing great flowers at their best at so very many of the
    shows, and also going beyond just the routine list.



  3. Suzy Wert, Indiana says:

    You were a maniac this year, Tom! Many thanks for capturing not only the show winners so elegantly, but other flowers of surprise and merit.