Daily Archives: May 1, 2017

Easter Daffs – an International market .

Every   Easter  both  our  local  Supermarkets  have  good  displays  of  flowers  for  sale .It  is  currently  peak  chrysanthemum  season  here  , supplemented  by  the  year  round  availability  of  roses , …

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Surprise Blue Ribbon

I was sent a picture today from the Chambersburg, PA Daffodil show (a couple weeks ago) of my seedling #11-35 that I had given up on.  It’s a jonquil (cordubensis)…

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Easter 2017 Otaki , NZ

Our  Southern  season  is  beginning  very  slowly ,  with  much  of  the  North  Island  recovering from record  rainfalls ,  delivered  by  the  tail  end  of  two  tropical  cyclones .Soils are …

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