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2017 Joe Hamms Show (PDGS)

May 2, 2017

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Well, we have finally reached the end of my show photos for all the shows that I visited this year in the midwest of the country as well as convention in Sacramento California.

I made plans to take vacation days to visit a record 10 shows which involved the convention show as well as 9 others in the southern and midwest regions of the country.

Sadly, a few shows were cancelled and I had to miss 1 due to things beyond my control. So, in the end, I made it to 6 shows and was able to get photos of the winners and some not often shown flowers for all of you to see.

This brings us to the final show at Joe Hamms place in Washington PA. It was such a nice surprise to see Mitch & Kate Carney as well as the Ezell team! A great time for everyone. One of the highlights for me was a cultivar of “Enchanted Elf” which I’ve heard of but never known such a green eye in any specimen of ANY daffodil. It was a shocking beauty for sure!

Photos below.

it’s so sad to see the season come to a close. One of these years, I’ll make it to the Minnesota show!

God bless you all.


The Best in Show, Apache Cheif,Bust Shot, exhibited by Richard Ezell.

The Best in Show, Apache Cheif, exhibited by Richard Ezell.

The standard white ribbon winner. Carib Gipsy, exhibited by Richard Ezell.

A nice Blue Ribbon Winner – Fairy Footsteps. I’ve always heard of this cultivar over the years, but never have known a great example of it till this specimen. Exhibited by Richard Ezell.

The mini Gold ribbon winner. Baby Moon, by Naomi Liggett.

The Mini White Ribbon winner. Baby Moon, by Naomi Liggett.

The Mini Rose ribbon winner for the best mini seedling in show. Exhibited by Kate and Mitch Carney.

intermediate single pewee exhibited by joe hamm

The Classic Single Stem, Green Island, exhibited by Richard Ezell.

classic cultivar green jacket, exhibited by Richard Ezell

The Maroon Ribbon Winner. Exhibited by, of course Linda Wallpe. The Flowers were Cloud Nine, Stann Creek, Lemon Supreme, Lemon Tart and Abbey Road

The Red, White and Blue Ribbon Winner for 5 American Bred Daffodils. Exhibited by Richard Ezell. The Flowers are, Emerald Empire, Katie Page, Mineral Wells, Blazing Saddles & Martha Kermizes

5 stem classic, exhibited by Kate and Mitch Carney. The flowers were: Rainbow, Altruist, Green Jacket,
Chat, and Perdita.

Joe Hamms 1st time winning Watrous award!

The 3 stem and single stem Intermediate. Pewee, exhibited by Joe Hamm. The lower left stem is the single award winner.

3 stem Historic – Fire Brand, exhibited by Kate and Mitch Carney. This is a GREAT entry!. the color is deep and the petals all match each other in shape and form.

Richard Ezells Bozie. The flowers were: All Rounder, Crackington, Jolene, Star Cluster, Jammin, Killearnan, Venator, Firefighter, Flight Path, Seashell Pink, Katie Page, and Modulux.

3 stem Classic, Sweet Music by Joe Hamm.

5 different Helen Link varieties. Exhibited by Joe Hamm. The Flowers are (From top left), Enchanted Prince O.P., Enchanted Prince, Gidget, Pewee, & Enchanted Elf.

Sis Boom Bah, exhibited by Richard Ezell.


My Belle.

Hot & Spicey. Didn’t get the exhibitor.

Hoot Owl. Not sure of the exhibitor.

a nice 3 stem entry of Green Park, by Joe Hamm.

Enchanted Elf. Wow!, exhibited by Joe Hamm.

Caramel Joy, exhibited by Richard Ezell.

6 responses to “2017 Joe Hamms Show (PDGS)”

  1. Glenna Graves says:

    Again, Thank you Tom for wonderful postings of daffodil shows. It lets us all feel as if we were “there” for each show! Beautiful blooms all.
    Glenna Graves

  2. Margaret Macneale, Minnesota Margaret Macneale, Minnesota says:

    Tom – your photos are always so beautiful – thank you!  And any time you want to come up to our Minnesota show, we’ll be more than happy to have you!  We would even put you to work as a judge.  🙂

    We take photos, but just point-and-shoots…nothing like yours.

    Thanks again for using your precious vacation time this way!

    Margaret Macneale, President, Daffodil Society of Minnesota

  3. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    Tom, I personally cannot thank you enough for all of the photos from this show and the others.   We see blooms we would never see up close and personal.  You continue to serve ADS and all of us in a way we never expected but sincerely appreciate.  It appears to be a very special time for you to visit these shows and it is our blessing to have you so invested in these “vacation projects.”
    Carolyn Hawkins

  4. Linda Wallpe, Ohio says:

    Here in Cincinnati, SWODS members recognized a long time ago how fortunate we were to have Tom as a member.

    In the last few years we’ve also realized how fortunate we are to have his partner Frank Vonder Meulen as a member. Frank attends most shows with Tom and willingly pitches it to help, acting as a clerk and looking for any odd job that needs doing.  After judging he acts as Tom’s flower exhibit ‘retriever and replacer’, a job that sometimes takes hours.   And he does it all so sweetly and pleasantly.

    A big  THANK YOU,  Frank.


  5. Joe Hamm, Pennsylvania says:

    Joe Hamm Pennsylvania

    I also would like to sing the Praises  of Tom (and Frank) for their contribution to the Barn Party, I mean Show.

    I owe thanks to all the Judges (12 we had 4 panels), Exhibitors and HELPERS….we had Washigton D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania. Louisiana, Indiiana, Ohio, and Kentucky represented.. I apologize if I missed someone.

    The Quality of blooms and the extent of Divisions… I know we had all the divisons in the Single Stem Class exept for Division 10 and 12…BUT Division 10 and 12 were repesented i the Collections. We did not have a Tuggle but we did have a Miniature Bronze…

    I Thank Everyone who made the Show (Party) a success, It was a Gereat 2 days…

    Joe Hamm

  6. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett, California says:

    I too would like to thank Tom and Frank for sharing beautiful photos  with us all season long.  Their contribution does not stop with Daffnet, they also check to see if DaffSeek is in need of photos.  Tom then logs into his DaffSeek account and uploads his own photos. Photographers like Tom improve the quality of photos and reduce the time and effort required for administrators to maintain DaffSeek.