Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Autumn 17#6

May 31, 2017

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There is no obvious boundary between autumn and winter here. It sure feels like winter.

There were enough flowers to pick a bunch for a friend’s birthday. The bunch includes the viridiflorus hybrid 10_03MJ and Bill Welch’s Autumn Colors and huge paperwhite.

This new seedling is about as yellow as any autumn flowering bulbocodiums here.

Bill Welch’s huge paperwhite is 14_07W. The N. broussonetii seedling 07_01W, also from Bill, was not watered and is much later that usual with much shorter stems. It is proving very hardy and floriforous.


A nice range of viridiflorus hybrids is in flower.

Some have a tendency to nod overnight and raise their heads during the day, and some don’t succeed very well. I like the pale green of 17_07MJ very much. It appears to be sterile but I have crossed it with 15_01MJ anyway in the hope of obtaining a fertile 5G-G that has no triandrus heritage.


16_29MJ is Virivest x (Viriverse x Theoquil). A couple of other promising yellow greens are also in flower.


Lastly is a Viriverse seedling that is reversish and earlier flowering than Viriverse.

Hopefully the winter will produce some new hybrids with interesting parentages.

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