Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Daffodil Digging

June 19, 2017

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Daffodil Digging is the one part of showing daffodils that I really don’t like and dread each year as summer approaches.  I go out to the daffodil beds with my bags for collecting bulbs, name tags, and a digging instrument, and I go with hesitation. I don’t really want to do it, and I start slow.  The first couple of days I dig for a few minutes and I sit on my bench for a few minutes, then dig some more.

As the days go along I get into it with more vigor.  By the second week of only working 2 hours a day at digging, I suddenly can stay at it for a couple of hours before I have to sit on the bench.  By the time the daffodil digging is finished, I am feeling strong and dig with energy.  Than it’s over.  Just when I start feeling like I can dig daffodils without the storm cloud hanging over my head.

I have dug my daffodils for the year.  YEAH!


3 responses to “Daffodil Digging”

  1. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    To me that suggests an aging problem Clay. I now employ someone to dig for me. Some are good and others very distressing.

  2. Dave Watson says:

    Because I am on my own now, when I dug this year I decided that in two
    years time I will dig the Bulbs

    & will only keep a quarter of them,

    Dave Watson

  3. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the comments.

    It’s an aging problem.  Unfortunately, hiring someone in Northeast North Carolina, USA, is like kicking the Taliban out of Afghanistan.  Lot easier said than done as no one wants to work.

    Dave Watson, I dig 1/2 every year.  However the other half has to be dug next year.  I think I still have too many daffodils.

    Gotta cut back some more and show less.