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Indoor bulb display

November 17, 2017

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Pots

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Hi all

Susan Brown sent an interesting question to I thought, given the wealth of knowledge, design sense and recent interest in growing daffodils to cut and show in the cold months of the year that this might be a way to generate some lively discussion. Her information and question is below. I will direct her to to see your response to her question.



Full Name: Susan Brown
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Question: I live in a warm climate (Northern Sacramento valley in California) and would like to plant a wide, shallow bowl with daffodil bulbs for an indoor display. When is the best time to plant? Any suggestions on planting for a successful harvest?

One response to “Indoor bulb display”

  1. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett, California says:

    Susan, I live nearby in Martinez CA and this is time of year when I force tazetta daffodils, mostly Paper Whites.  Right now many nurseries and big box stores in our area are selling pre-chilled bulbs.  If I do not buy pre-chilled bulbs, my husband’s wine and beer frig magically turns into a “bulb frig” (its the season of magic!).

    Here is how I force my bulbs. Around Thanksgiving, I place  a couple of inches of marbles or some type of small rock on the bottom of a vase or bowl and place the bulbs on top. Then I pour in water that comes up and touches the bottom of the bulbs and place the vase in a sunny room. These should start rooting in a few days.  Be sure and keep the water level touching the bottom of the bulb.  I do not cover bulbs with water because it could make them rot. Just like bulbs that grow outside, these bulbs need light and water.

    The American Daffodil Society has a couple of resources about forcing bulbs that you might find interesting. Here is the American Daffodil Society’s  webpage about forcing daffodils. This page not only has instructions, it also provides you a link to which has more information about forcing bulbs, some  dating back to the late 1800s.

    On a side topic, on the second weekend of March, the Northern California Daffodil Society will be holding a daffodil show in Murphys at Ironstone Winery. It is a beautiful sight with daffodils planted along the roadside leading up to the winery.  Please consider visiting this show with a wonderful venue and beautiful daffodils!

    Good luck with forcing your bulbs!

    Nancy Tackett