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RHS Yearbooks are here!!!!

November 27, 2017

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The 2017 RHS Yearbook just arrived. I hope to send them out Wednesday. They will be shipping Media Mail so it may take a few days to get to you. If you get worried you can always send me an email. I should have a tracking number (which may or may not provide much information).

I will send an invoice with the pre-ordered Yearbooks. I should have about a half dozen more that are up for grabs.

Payment can be sent to me as a check. OR you may also pay through the Web Store. Click on either the 2017 RHS Yearbook icon OR go to the Donation page and change the $1 icon to $25. Be sure to include your current email address just in case I get confused. I won’t send a second copy of the RHS Yearbook if you click on it.

I’m glad they came in with enough time to enjoy them before the holidays.

4 responses to “RHS Yearbooks are here!!!!”

  1. John Beck says:

    thank you Frank I should be on the list to get one automatically John Beck

    Sent from Outlook

  2. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:



  3. Bill Welch says:

    Thanks got mine. What is the address to send check to?

    Best wishes,

    Bill the Bulb Baron (William R.P. Welch)


    William R.P. Welch, 1031 Cayuga Street, Apt B, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA (831) 236-8397

  4. ADS Executive Director ADS Executive Director says:

    Mr Baron (vbg)
    You’re welcome to send a check to:
    The American Daffodil Society
    8374 E State Rd45
    Unionville, IN 47468

    If you would rather pay through the webstore you can either click on the RHS Yearbook 2017 link or you could also choose to select the $1 Donation button and change it to $25.

    Like Santa, I have a list and I will check you off twice.