Harold Koopowitz, California

‘Verdant Sparks’

December 7, 2017

Categories: Autumn Blooming Daffodils, Daffodil Types, Miniatures

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My stocks of ‘Verdant Sparks’ have multiplied satisfactorily. It was down to only a couple of bulbs a few years ago.  Here is the row today with masses of the little green flowers. For me the fragrance is too strong but many people seem to like it. It grows well for Nial Watson in pots in his polyhouse in Northern Ireland.  He took a few spikes into the RHS recently and managed to get an Award of Merit for it. I think this makes it the first autumn flowering

‘Verdant Sparks’ 11bG-G

daffodil to be recognized with a quality award by the RHS. Thank you Nial.

For several days now, Southern California has been having nasty drought conditions again with winds gusting up to 80 mph and a relative humidity of 5-10%. I expected to find all the flowers down and crisped, but no, this is one tough plant. I can find no damage to the flowers.


2 responses to “‘Verdant Sparks’”

  1. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:


    Verdant Sparks, is a great little viridiflorus hybrid. I have enjoyed it very much. It is growing well here in Mississippi but I have been growing it in a pot, keeping it dry during the summer months, and giving it some protection during January, my coldest month as I was unsure how hardy it was and didn’t want to take a chance of losing it. . Last year, I just covered the viridiflorus hybrids with a tarp during the coldest nights and they made it fine. It needs dividing so I plan to try some of the bulbs planted outside and see how they fare. The viridiflorus hybrid I posted has done ok outside so I imagine yours will also. I am in the northern part of USDA 7B, but the winters have been somewhat mild the past few years. Has the division been changed, I see you have it listed as a division 11, I had it as a division 7.

  2. Anne Wright, England Anne Wright, England says:

    It sure is a stunner!