Ben Blake, California

Daffnet forum usage and behavior

January 13, 2018

Categories: American Daffodil Society, General, Societies and groups

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Daffnet was originally created as a mailing list in 1996.  Today Daffnet is a web forum followed by thousands of people world wide.  Most people are silent and just read our web site like they view many others, but over 600 people have contributed to our content.

We welcome contributors from a wide range of interests; gardening to hybridizing.  Daffnet has helped connect people from countries around the world and we value any subject and comments people wish to make.  There have occasionally been case of disagreements and bad behavior which have had to be resolved.

That is why sites like Daffnet have usage policies and terms and conditions.  To view them please look at the bottom each page at this URL: In our recent comments it is clear that “Acceptable Use, paragraph 5” has been violated.  We encourage people to discuss any subjects they wish, but when people start insulting others, that is over the line.

Flower identification has been a subject of interest to many people over the years and we encourage it.  But flooding our site with identification issues borders on sending us spam.

Daffnet is operated by a non-profit society dedicated to educating people about daffodils.  As volunteers, we have a low tolerance when people start insulting others and violation of that and other usage policies may result in your removal from our discussion forum.


2 responses to “Daffnet forum usage and behavior”

  1. Matt Duddy, Pennsylvania Matt Duddy, Pennsylvania says:

    I respect your position. Can anyone recommend where I can get help with identification?

    I won’t post anymore here.

  2. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney, Missouri says:

    Matt, you may email me directly; my address can be found here, under PHS Daffodils.