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Tricollet form

January 14, 2018

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I think the form of Tricollet is very attractive and have over the years grown seedlings from it. Although it is technically 11a the form is so distinct that I code them as 11t. Daffseek says that Tricollet is bred from Joli-Coeur (registered by J. Gerritsen and Son in 1962), so it is probably better to use 11j than 11t. I’m not convinced that show judges like the form as much as I do.

It is possible to breed 11t’s without Tricollet. 07_88 is Supreme Empire x Uncensored. Unfortunately it is very inconsistent.

10_516 is Travertine x Silcock 11W-P. It is obviously confused but has hints of 11t. It suggests that crossing 11a’s with 11b’s might be a good way of obtaining 11t’s.

The seedling I have most used is 03_179 Our Bride x Tricollet. Our Bride is a 2W-W  from Tom Forster – not enough substance by modern standards but useful because its cup lies flat against the perianth.

Hijack x 03_179 has given: –

Azon x 03_179 has given: –

Twotees x 03_179 has given: –


12_316 is almost certainly (Presidential Pink x Cross 2W-P) x 03_179

Next generation seedlings include these: –

This hail damaged flower shows 11tY-O  is easily obtainable (Patabundy x Tricollet) but nothing has been done with it.



4 responses to “Tricollet form”

  1. Matt Duddy, Pennsylvania Matt Duddy, Pennsylvania says:

    Wow… those are heart-stopping!

    Very impressive. Why don’t we see more of these in propagation?

  2. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Check the photo of Berri White on Daffseek. Sorry I can’t readily find a photo to put on Daffnet. The judges don’t like it either but the public buy me out of stock and a Dutch bulb grower paid a considerable amount to get bulbs of it. Is that a story in itself. Show flowers are not necessarily the most valuable. I think that we just about have enough of the Tricollet form to suggest a new sub division of Div 11.

  3. Lawrence Trevanion, Australia Lawrence Trevanion, Australia says:

    Thanks Matt, David.

    Berri White looks great. Is Tim Klein still breeding daffodils?

    I can make  my seedlings available locally but I expect that global availability will depend on the Dutch. The demands of mass marketing are more rigorous than just a nice photo so even if the Dutch acquire these bulbs it is not certain they will prove suitable for mass distribution.

    A new sub division doesn’t seem out of the question but there are hints in the 10_516 seedling of 12 even splits which makes it both 11a and 11b. If this form is 11c then perhaps my 11t is sensibly 11d. But then there are other split forms possible. This is most obvious in the bulbocodiums but there are interesting main division variants also.

    I don’t have a convincing pedigree for this flower. It was selfed in the hope of obtaining novel form and has produced seeds in the first two year, so here’s hoping!


  4. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Good morning Lawrence,
    I’m not sure that Tim’s climate in SA is suitable for daffodils. He left most of his stock here. As he has a son in Christchurch he often visits.