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Daffodil Show Properties

February 21, 2018

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Hi everyone,

I have enough daffodil show properties to put on a show of up to 1,500 to 2,000 stems.  Our show is permanently canceled and Fran and I are in the process of moving to New Jersey if we can get everything sold down here.

I made all these blocks myself except the glass used in the test tubes and three stems.  I want to give them away.  If you are within the area where I go to shows, I can most likely deliver them.  If not I would have to ask for shipping money.

I don’t want to piece mill them, but would like to give them in their entirety, or in lots.  Not a little of this and a little of that.

I will make the final judgement as to where they go.  If I can’t give them away, I am not moving them and they will probably end up in the dump

Standard Daffodils  We used 20mm test tubes and all the blocks are bored to 20mm

  1. Single Stems:  block = 1800. Test tubes at 20mmabout 1000/
  2. Three Stems : 10″ size glass bulb vases plus some extra. two cases
  3. Collections of Five:  23 black wooden bases with 5 holes (three forward and two in the rear) and hold five- 20 mm test tubes
  4. Bozievich Collection:  12 black wooden bases with 6 holes and six 20mm test tubes per base.
  5. Throckmorton Collection: 9 black wooden bases with 5 holes in a straight line with five 20mm test tubes in each base.
  6. Quinn Collection: 12 black wooden bases with 8 holes and eight 20mm test tubes per base

Miniature Daffodils  We used 13mm test tubes and all miniature properties drilled to 13mm.

  1. Single Stems:  200 small 13mm test tubes in a small black wooden base.
  2. Three Stems: 15 small black bases this 3 (three) 13mm test tubes.
  3. Collections of Five (Lavender Ribbon):  6 black wooden blocks  (three in back and two in front) with five(5) 13mm test tubes.
  4. Bankhead Collection:  5 black wooden block with nine (9) 13mm test tubes; with five in the back and four in the front.
  5. Watrous Collection:  5 black wooden block of Twelve (12) 13mm test tubes ; with five in the back, four in the middle and three in the front.
  6. Harold Koopowitz or Premier Miniature Collection: two black wooden block of twenty-four (24) 13 mm test tubes: with nine (9) in the back: eight (8) in the middle and seven (7) in the front.


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