Intersectional Hybrid – Do you think it’s the same specimen?

March 6, 2018

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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I’ve read your post (Brian Duncan, Dec 2, 2016)

and I think I found the same Daffodil last year in Portugal.

I found only one near some N. triandrus.

Do you think it’s the same speciemen?

The photos can be found in my post from my blog (the last two pics):

Thank you

Gonçalo Santos

One response to “Intersectional Hybrid – Do you think it’s the same specimen?”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland says:

    Hello Goncalo Santos,

    Yes, I think your pictures are of the hybrid between N. bulbocodiun and N. triandrus pallidulus = N. x fosteri which can be variable in colour.  Always very attractive.

    Brian Duncan