Nancy Tackett, California

Robert Spotts wins the Robert Spotts!

March 5, 2018

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At the 2017 ADS Fall Board Meeting, the Board approved a new collection named the “Robert Spotts Ribbon.” Criteria for this collection is  five different daffodils where green is the predominate color in either the perianth and/or the corona.  Two new classes were added to support this award, a class for five green standards and a class for five green miniatures.  The best collection from these two classes, receives the Robert Spotts Ribbon, which is coincidentally a green colored ribbon.  It just so happens that the ribbon’s namesake was the first to receive this special award.

Congratulations Bob!


3 responses to “Robert Spotts wins the Robert Spotts!”

  1. Jolene Laughlin, Louisiana Jolene Laughlin says:

    That is awesome (and fitting)! Beautiful collection.

    Congratulations, Bob! 

  2. John McLennan, New Zealand John McLennan, New Zealand says:

    Congratulations  Bob .  Also  a  big  thanks  for  the  ” GREEN ”  feature  in  the  September  2017  ADS  Journal .So  well  researched  and  illustrated  and  a  worthwhile  record  ,  done  whilst  all  the  breeders ,  excluding  Manuel  Lima  ,  are  still  with  us . Often  we  leave  these  features  until  after  important  players  are  available  to contribute .  Hope  your  greens  are  all  ready  for  spring  and  the  seedling  patch  gives  some  new  treasures .

    Cheers  John .

  3. Ceci Brown, Virginia says:

    Congrats Bob! I remember your beauties at both the last spring and the Jackson convention. Excellent!