Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Weather Report for East Coast of NC

March 20, 2018

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It looks like I have become the weather reporter for the east coast in 2018.

We are facing our 4th storm today and tomorrow.  It has left my daffodils devastated and ruined for the year.  The only salvation after a strange season with Spring in February and Winter now in March is that there are still some daffodils yet to bloom.  More snow and high winds expected for tomorrow.

Just to give a couple of examples:

Here is the picture above of one of my new registrations, ‘Linda Simon’ registered with the permission of here husband in Richmond, Virginia.  This was taken after I returned from the Georgia Show.  The Linda Simons that I took to Georgia looked like the below:

My daffodil beds now look like this:

don’t know how they are going to look after storm #4.



7 responses to “Weather Report for East Coast of NC”

  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:


    Fran says my last picture of my garden just looks normal.  However, if they were not on the ground you would see nothing but blooms.  The ones there are here are cut, torn and ripped.  The bed straight away on the right is my hybridized standard daffodils.  To propagate new daffodils, I take seedling that hold their heads high above the foliage.  They would be in their glory if not “blown” away be the storms.



  2. John Beck says:

    thank you for the clarification
    if course it is sad news
    I actually thought it was a before shot!
    my new bed is covered in the last of our snow
    will you be at convention?
    John Beck M.D.
    Sent from Outlook

  3. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins2 says:

    I will not be at the convention. Long trip for nothing to show.


  4. Jackie Turbidy says:

    Clay so heartbreaking after a yesr’s wait for the little darlings. Sorry
    for your loss.
    We too had 40 mile an hour winds all yesterday. Thot the 2 hurricanes and
    the ice storms pretty well cleaned us out, there was lots more limbs and
    other debris yesterday
    Amazingly the azaleas and the camellias held on!

  5. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins2 says:

    Hi Jackie,

    We discussed this at the Georgia show as well. We have had nothing but 20’s and 30’s at night and not breaking 56 degrees in the day time all month, with the four storms. I have been out picking daffodils for the Gloucester, VA show on Saturday. I was able to get about 20 named standards worthy of showing, about 17 miniatures (the miniatures seems to survive this the best of all – I still have a lot to bloom), and about 12 of my “tall” seedlings. Everything else is torn, blown, jagged, ripped, and/on the ground. I have a lot of Muster that is on the ground and the bloom full of trash. Those that know me know that I take about 200 daffodils to a show on a regular basic – but not this year.

    The cold makes the season longer, but I had started evaluating my seedlings. That evaluation process is over for this year.

    Tom put on Facebook that he took a picture of my miniature 2W-W (Camborne x Elka) seedling I had in the Georgia show. There is about three other 2W-W miniatures in the seedling beds that are blown down and ripped. The 2W-W miniature I had in Georgia was not a great one because the 2 O’clock petal was “crinkled”. But they show a lot of potential, if I had had a lot more time to evaluate them. Wait until next year. Growing daffodils is 11 months of anticipation, and one month of disappointment. J


  6. Jackie Turbidy says:

    Clay you are right, 11 months of anticipation and one month of joy and
    delight, not to mention surprise and disappointment.
    Moving on to the next phase, what do you fertilize with? ( Bad grammar!)
    Thank you, Jackie

  7. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins2 says:

    Hi Jackie,

    As for fertilizer that I use. I found a local farm supply company that has a mixer where he can make his own fertilizer blend according to what the customer wants. He supplies me with what he calls “centipede” grass fertilizer 4-12-24. It’s a very popular lawn grass here on the east coast. It works like a charm on daffodils as they love the potash.